Thursday, October 8, 2009

Second City, Second Priority, Second Chances

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

(The following editorial is a transcript exclusive for Hip Hop Republican. The transcript was read during “The Weekend Countdown with Kaela Harmon” on WGCV-AM in Columbia, South Carolina Friday, October 02, 2009.)

I’m sure that there are plenty of people that are disappointed with Chicago losing out in the race for the 2016 Summer Olympics Games. Moreso, it stinks that the Windy City came in a disappointing 4th place after dropping out of contention after the 1st round of voting.

However, one thing that was worse for the Second City is how the Black youth of Chicago have been given 2nd-rate treatment by one of their own, even as he traveled to secure parades in the streets in 2016 while blood continues to flow in the streets in 2009.

Many bloggers, journalists, and pundits – as well as more African-Americans – are becoming more critical of President Barack Obama’s “true” connection with Black America. The shocking silence coming from the White House after such a shocking death in his beloved South Side only indicates a growing sentiment within Middle America, one that has been noted by Black conservatives for decades now:

Just because they look like you and talk the good game at the polls and during election time does NOT mean that they stand with you through thick and thin.

If the past 60 years of domestic policies in our urban cities have not brought that to light, perhaps this latest episode does.

Don’t get me wrong – Black Republicans have a lot of work to patch up the gashes of mistrust between African-Americans and the GOP. These separations are not misunderstandings – many of them were “hard-earned” mistakes, gaffs, and racial residue from years gone past. With that said, Black America is at a crossroads of experiencing one of the biggest disappointments for Black youth and Black people in a long, long time – and our collective ability to focus on what matters and not what is apparent.

We took Black pride in the election of Barack Obama. It was good to do so from a historic sense. I held that pride as well – in January, but certainly not by June. And clearly, whereas the discussions concerning the causes behind continued unemployment, ongoing wars, and a lagging economy can be jostled behind Bush and Obama, it is becoming more evident that the president may have us on our own with issues impacting Black people in very real levels.

Those that point to his efforts on health care ignore Obama’s education record and actions as president.

Those that highlight his defense of all lives ignore his executive order to fund overseas abortion services, a move that increased abortions of ethnic babies throughout the world.

Those that say that Mr. Obama is a president, not a Black leader and should not be held to that higher standard must now question why Black people defend him at a higher level (as one of connection with “our president”) without enforcing any accountability in reciprocation (as in a relationship with “our president.”)

President Obama is not bigger than Black America. He is not bigger than Black History. He is merely a part of it. Dr. King wore a Noble Peace Prize and died defending the rights of garbage workers – because he was a Black leader and understood this.

Now that was a Black leader.

And before you say that President Obama is not seen as a Black leader, tell that to the scores of people that bought Obama t-shirts, commemorative plates, and the like.

President Obama – like other Blacks that have broken barriers that were previously viewed as impenetrable in America - has the historic and moral obligation to wear two hats simultaneously and successfully: one of competent American leader and one of influential African-American historical contributor. That opportunity was lost (again, some would add) when he failed to make a timely and profound (or even relevant) statement about the violence with Black youth in Chicago (throughout the recent period of spiked terror in these communities), even as he was preparing his statements to bring the 2016 Games to the shores of Lake Michigan.

Hopefully, now that the president is back from championing the Second City for the Olympics, perhaps he will make the Black youth of Chicago – and of other urban centers where they continue to die tragically - his second priority.


  1. Uncle Tom Lloyd Marcus becomes the face of the Tea Party movement

    All across America, we’ve seen literally thousands of Tea Parties, Obamacare town hall protests, and the recent march on Washington. Hundreds of thousand of people, if not millions, have come out to voice their anger at what’s going on in their country courtesy of President Rahm Emanuel and his puppet, Barack Obama. And 99% of them have been white. That’s a fact. In fact, it’s probably higher than that, like 99.99%. It’s a white movement, plain and simple. But white people have been taught to hate themselves, and so they go out of their way to recruit Uncle Tom’s for their movements, hoping the media won’t call them racists. The family values crowd enlisted “Bishop” Harry Jackson in their fight against gay marriage. And Harry Jackson promptly repaid the favor by inviting “black conservative” crackhead criminal Marion Barry to speak at a rally for traditional marriage. And who can forget Julius Caesar (JC) Watts, the darling of the conservative movement in the 1990s, simply because he was the only black Republican in Congress? After being coddled and promoted by white Republicans for years, in 2008 Watts paid them back by saying he was probably going to vote for Obama, and hinted that he thinks the GOP is “racist.” And don’t get me started on Harry Alford.

    Republicans have been doing this for decades, groveling and pandering to blacks in the hope that blacks will see just “color-blind” they are, and start voting GOP. And year after year, election after election, blacks continue voting for the Democrats by a factor of at least 9-1. In 2008, it was 19-1. 95% of blacks voted for Obama. And have conservatives learned anything? Nope. Look at the tea parties for proof. Until a couple days ago, hardly anyone could name a person associated with the tea parties. They came out of a true grass roots movement, and except for the few politicians and washed up C-list celebs who latched on to them, like Chuck Norris, there wasn’t a face attached to the movement. It was truly a mass movement, that didn’t revolve around a personality.

    But in the past couple days, one person has become the face of the tea parties. And surprise, surprise, it’s a black guy. Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people show up at tea parties, and about 7 of them are black, and now one of them has become the public face of this white movement. I wrote about Marcus a long time ago. He wrote some lame song that’s now the Tea Party Anthem, and so he was invited up on stage to play and sing for the crowd at the Orlando protest. I said that his presence was proof that the tea parties aren’t serious, and that they were going nowhere. And after his Orlando performance, he was asked to perform at a whole bunch of other “conservative” political events and protests, by stupid white people who are eager to show they’re not racist.

    Never mind that’s he’s “married” to a white woman. Oh hell no, that’s no problem. Conservatives will gladly embrace their own genocide if they think the media will stop calling them racists.

    But in the past few days, Lloyd Marcus has become the national symbol of the Tea Party movement. He wrote a column for the neo-con website American Thinker denouncing liberals and Democrats for, you guessed it, “racism”. (Do blacks, “conservative” or “liberal”, ever talk about anything else?) Then influential columnist (and substitute host for Rush Limbaugh) started praising him on the National Review website. More prominent “conservative” writers picked up the theme and ran with it. Here’s one. There are lots more.

    Unbelievably, even Peter Brimelow is now praising Lloyd Marcus.

  2. So once again, a white movement has been completely neutralized by political correctness. Millions of white people are looking for a group that will speak out for them, and speak up for their interests, without apology. Then they find out that the tea party crowd not only won’t speak up for them, but their public mascot is a black man who’s engaged in white genocide.

    Yeah, that’s a real smart plan for winning the hearts and minds of the millions of fed up white people in this country.

    And conservatives wonder why they never make any progress, or win any big battles?

    It’s fine for white women to marry black men, but two men getting married is a big deal?

    Interracial marriage is hunky dory, but high taxes are an abomination?

    Immigration is bad because we’re replacing the founding stock of this country, but it’s just dandy for the founding stock of this country to breed themselves out of existence by “marrying” blacks?

    This is insane.

  3. Hmmm,

    We need a lot if star power to shine on this issue. There needs to be a spotlight shined on programs where inner city violence has been reduced.
    There should be movies showing 'snitching' as being heroic and noble. We need musicians recording songs against violance AND 'snitching.'
    Focus should be on parenting and help for single parent situations. Maybe a lengthening of the school day would help those parents who are unable to afford afterschool care.
    The dominoe effects of a recession / depression will cause a potential increase in violence. Vouchers for charter schools would help curtail some of this misdirected energy.
    Maybe the pro sports teams could give a percentage of free tickets to schools with a decrease in violence and an increase in academic acheivement.
    Maybe the punishment for students who are ktroublemakers should be increased. If a child is suspended - who will watch them if their parent(s) has to work? They should have to do some comminity service or stay afterschool and help clean up.