Friday, June 18, 2010

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is "The Truth"

June 17, 2010

Ok, well, no, she's not.

Jesus Christ is The Truth.

And in the NBA, Paul Pierce is "The Truth", according to Shaquille O'Neal, although I would have to put my bet on Jesus in a game of one-on-one between Pierce and Christ. Pierce would probably do the same as well, by the way.

With that said, though, Dr. Morse's analysis on the breakdown of families and its impact on the economic systems within America are not only theories to be studies, but are realities being enacted everyday in the lives of Black America, urban American, and in America's young adults.

For example, the willingness to marginalize Americans to the net worth of their personal "gross domestic output" (i.e., their quantifiable, employment-based value) is a misguided notion that has impacted the lives of many Americans over the course of the past several generations. Failing to bring proper credence to the intrinsic value of motherhood (including stay-home motherhood), fatherhood, and marriage has subsequently led to losses in our economic vitality due to a drain of resources headed to social programs, social justice, criminal justice institutions, and rehabilitative services from our national, state, and city budgets.

In essence, Dr. Morse - in projecting what the future may look like at this rate - described the last 40 years of life within urban America, complete with educational failures, relationship issues, broken homes, and economic depravity.

And, to deliver it with wit? Yeah, maybe she is the truth after all, or at least, she brings a lot of truth into the national social and political discussions of our day.

Meeting Immaculee and an Immaculate Moment

June 16, 2010

People that know me know that I can get through as a "proud young conservative" - considering all of the attacks that I undergo - because of the wife that I have. She is my rock. She is a gift in my life. Proverbs 31? That describes her fully in my life.

With that said, she is also someone that did not enter our marriage unscathed. Like me, she was scarred by the abuse and hatred of someone else's hands - literally. Because of this, her faith (notably her Catholicism and ability to pray regularly and faithfully) deepened even before we started dating. It has grown in the years that we have been married.

For her, knowing the stories of powerful folks such as Immaculee Ilibagiza comes as naturally as breathing.

She knew of Immaculee's incredible story because she watches (and reads) much of Dr. Wayne Dyer's work. She knew of the chance encounter that Immaculee and Wayne had that led to her book. She knew of Immaculee's dedication to praying the Rosary, something that my wife does often as well.

So, as much as it was an honor to listen to Immaculee's speech at dinner this much as it was an honor to shake her hand and have her sign her book for my was greater still to do one thing:

Speak to my wife via phone.

Yes, I'm that crazy husband that understands the value of small moments in one's life. To have a woman that overcame domestic violence talk to another woman that she read about and emulated due to her courage and dedication to God in the most deadly of situations meant the world to me. My wife was shocked. I think that Immaculee was honored. I know that it will make an impact on my wife's heart.

And the seal for me? Immaculee's first words after introducing herself to my wife on the phone (my cellphone as I was getting the book signed): "Your husband loves you very much."

Yes, I do, but it is God through me that makes it real.

And, in that regard, perhaps Immaculee made an impact on my heart as well that night with more than just her story. God is very real in everything from politics to the smallest of human interaction.

A Thought on Christian Anthropology and Saving America

June 16, 2010

As you know, I am here at the Acton Institute's "Acton University 2010" event, held by the organization named after Lord Acton. (

I came because I wanted to take some of the great information from the classes in order to apply it to the political discussions that we need to have, advance, and "flesh out" in order to create a better nation out of the crisis state that we find ourselves in today.

Truthfully, though, much of what I may need to illustrate my points came from the first lecture, particularly as it comes to the need for Black America to re-adopt Republicanism as a partisan home politically.

Secular determination - the basic social equation of thought that beliefs that heredity + environment = human actions (and, thus, the conditions humans find themselves in) - wraps up the treatment of Black people in America by the liberal left. In essence, the guiding principles of most Democrats - and now, tragically, mostly all Black elected officials (of which the vast majority are Democrats) - center around this notion of secular determination, using the mindset to continue a deadly cycle of limiting government dependency and prospects for the future. At the same time, this theory also proves - in many ways - why the disappearance of the Black church's influence over Black America has had a detriment effect on urban America over the past 50 years.

Why does this matter? Look at the destination of aid, urban solutions, and the like over the past 50 years. Much of those resources are headed into Black America's widening hole of hopelessness because the prevailing initiatives impacting these Americans are guided by the notion that the conditions that they found themselves in are, by nature, the best that they can do.

And they say that the Christian Right is racist?

Looking forward to hearing more throughout the week....