Friday, June 18, 2010

A Thought on Christian Anthropology and Saving America

June 16, 2010

As you know, I am here at the Acton Institute's "Acton University 2010" event, held by the organization named after Lord Acton. (

I came because I wanted to take some of the great information from the classes in order to apply it to the political discussions that we need to have, advance, and "flesh out" in order to create a better nation out of the crisis state that we find ourselves in today.

Truthfully, though, much of what I may need to illustrate my points came from the first lecture, particularly as it comes to the need for Black America to re-adopt Republicanism as a partisan home politically.

Secular determination - the basic social equation of thought that beliefs that heredity + environment = human actions (and, thus, the conditions humans find themselves in) - wraps up the treatment of Black people in America by the liberal left. In essence, the guiding principles of most Democrats - and now, tragically, mostly all Black elected officials (of which the vast majority are Democrats) - center around this notion of secular determination, using the mindset to continue a deadly cycle of limiting government dependency and prospects for the future. At the same time, this theory also proves - in many ways - why the disappearance of the Black church's influence over Black America has had a detriment effect on urban America over the past 50 years.

Why does this matter? Look at the destination of aid, urban solutions, and the like over the past 50 years. Much of those resources are headed into Black America's widening hole of hopelessness because the prevailing initiatives impacting these Americans are guided by the notion that the conditions that they found themselves in are, by nature, the best that they can do.

And they say that the Christian Right is racist?

Looking forward to hearing more throughout the week....

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