Monday, November 16, 2009

Exhibit A(bortion)

Monday, November 15, 2009

Alanis Morissette sung a classic song many moons ago. The catch phrase of the song was, "...isn't it ironic....don't cha think?"

And believe me, that is how I'm feeling today, especially after appearing on "Glenn Beck" on Fox News Channel last week. It was a special show (apparently now one of several that will air) that featured Black conservatives and Republicans (if you saw the show, you may have seen that those two are not always the same) commenting why they opposed the direction that the country is headed as guided by the supermajority in Washington. Further, a good segment (but again, not all) of the African-American audience were able to offer points of contention with the Obama Administration and why they did not vote for the first African-American president in history.

For me - someone that has vocally opposed the president's policies while appreciating his historic presence in the White House on a regular basis - it seems as though President Obama was watching the show this weekend and wanted to help further the Black Republican cause.

First, Roland Martin (one of his staunch supporters) sent out an editorial that challenged Black America to stop the name-calling and reactionary rejections of Black Republicans without merit (

Not to be outdone, the president moved forward through his top adviser to illustrate further why Black Republicans and conservatives oppose Obama so fervently.

Look no further than Exhibit A - that's A, for abortion.

The post-partisan president was not content on leaving the House bill for universal health care alone, one that passed after conservatives from both sides of the political aisle pushed for anti-abortion legislation in the bill to ensure that the federal government did not provide funding for elective abortions. Rather than acquiesce for the sake of the little bi-partisanship the House was able to garner, President Obama lashes out against it in the name of the extreme left and some notable left-leaning lobbyists.

The post-lobbyist president has sent word via David Axelrod that he will position the White House into the universal health care debate in the Senate in order to strip away from the House-mandated amendment restricting government-funded abortions, a move that powerful Washington lobbying groups such as Planned Parenthood and others on the extreme left are certainly thankful for. After all, that would be the only way they got their money's worth out of supporting Obama in '08.

Sadly, the post-racial president that has stripped away funding for poor Black students in secondary education (the DC voucher program) and post-secondary funding (with taking funding away from historically Black colleges and universities) - both programs started under that "notorious white supremist", President George W. Bush (you know, the one with the Latina sister-in-law) - now is looking to strip away an amendment protecting against government-run abortion-at-will. Anyone looking at the numbers and history of abortions, Planned Parenthood, and its ilk will see quickly that if Obama is successful, the impact of such a move will be felt disproportionately in the African-American communities.

Obama's first presidential executive order was to send American funding (at a time when the nation is in an economic crisis) overseas to aid in overseas abortions, a move that undoubtedly included impacting babies in his father's Kenya and other nations around the globe. Now, his perceived crowning legislative achievement this year will be to have the US government again fund the killing of children, including a disproportional number of ethnic children in America.

Some Exhibit A.

Aside from the conservations on the set of "Glenn Beck" - both on-air as well as off-air comments - the moves coming from this historic first Black president give rise to a growing swell of opposition throughout the country with much of it coming from a conservative segment of Black America that prioritizes their personal values over the intoxication in setting trends. Christians, conservatives, moderates, and Republicans alike have no recourse but to oppose such dastardly actions by a president that, in one fell swoop, has reversed the new directions on partisanship, race relations, and lobbyist influence that he campaigned to guide America past. Tragically still, that fell swoop happens to be one of the most divisive issues in America over the past 40 years - an issue that the House of Representatives (including extremely-liberal Nancy Pelosi) compromised on in order to get passage of a bill, only for the president to attack that small strand of unity with a dividing measure that only ensures continued discord in Congress. Just as polarizing politicians found a first measure of peace on the health care issue, the president has thrown down the gauntlet on abortion for the sake of the extreme left and its lobbyists (such as Planned Parenthood) and, thus, is taking the country towards another philosophical and divisive domestic war.

No amount of Glenn Beck, talk shows, or "Party of Lincoln" rhetoric can convince America more about why Black Republicans and conservatives oppose President Obama's policies in Washington than the president's actions themselves. Even when the criticism of people like me reaches a feverish pitch, there is always something coming from the Obama Administration that just moves to prove our point, from opposing the educating of the disadvantaged to supporting destructive measures such as government-funded abortions.

For someone that was supposed to help heal this country past race and partisanship, President Obama has found a way to keep re-opening old wounds and making the case for those that oppose his positions.

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  1. Lenny: well said. Have you watched the documentary : Maafa21? I wish you would review it here. It is a powerful film proving that abortion especially Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger is simply a eugenic effort to exterminate the weak and minorities. This film exposes flaws on the left and right side of the isle and it is non-partisan ! Simply put, those who favor abortion do it for eugenics purposes, regardless of party affiliation. Racism exists on BOTH sides of the isle and worse yet is ELITISM - . They want all of us commoners to be disunified so we fight each other. America Wake Up- The ELITISTS are taking away our rights and possibly our very lives ! Check out Maafa21 with a short clip here: