Monday, November 9, 2009

The 10-Finger Theory and Pulling the Rope

November 5, 2009

Everyone has a role in politics. The people. The politicians. The pundits. The politicos.

Everyone has a role, but not everyone knows their roles. In many ways, it’s about 10 fingers working together to handle victories for the Republican Party – and for the citizens that they are representing.

Not that it’s the worst thing in the worse, nor is it intentional. However, it is important.

The large victories for the Republican Party nationally – and the mostly-large defeats seen for the Republicans in North Carolina (aside from Greensboro, a significant city of victory but not quite the same national banter city like Charlotte is) – have been earned through the application of knowing how to work together as a team. Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans have had an inconsistent time of putting together the plans and processes to move people into the voting booths for Republicans candidates. The inability to coordinate the moving parts of the political players of the process have hampered the successes in a multitude of ways.

Without the grassroots being the foundation, there is no way for the party to build successfully.

Without the pundits to hold the Party accountable, there are no avenues to check the efforts in an unbiased and academic fashion.

Without the leadership within the party structure that takes chances to be involved and to be in front, the shot to win each November resembles more of a shatter shot, giving a random chance for victory for their candidates.

And without the candidates that know how to balance the philosophy of the party, the needs of the people, and the discipline needed within the campaign and governing worlds, there is no way to change the direction of the party's fortune - nor the direction of the nation's cities and states individually.

Each finger needs to grasp the rope - in faith and in the spirit of cooperation.

And each finger cannot be afraid to point out flaws, point back personal shortcomings, and indicate new directions for the people to move in. A finger incapable of pointing, grasping, and directing - through arthritis, gangrene, or muscle weakness and failure - must be made new and healthy again as we need all hands on deck.

And as with skin of hands, there needs to be a shedding when flakiness, dryness, and inflexibility inhibits the fingers from having the full range of motion needed to point, grasp, and direct in its roles effectively to pull the rope in this political tug-a-war back towards Republicans as victors.

And, consequentially, pulling America back towards the tenets and actions that made the nation the beacon of the world.

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