Monday, September 7, 2009

Is "Van Jones" a Victory for the Right?

It was pretty interesting how the Van Jones resignation came out to the media around midnight or so Saturday evening. It was timed in such a way that it would be easy for someone to miss.

Of course, that would be someone that was not a documented insomniac.

I was not very surprised about the news, although I don't quite know how much of a success his removal from CL2009 (that would be "Czar List 2009") qualifies as a victory for conservatives.

Granted, there was the removal of this man from the Obama Administration. And yes, it has been shown that Jones has some incendiary viewpoints that were caught on record that made his presence on CL2009 very difficult for the president.

However, what have conservatives gained? After all, this isn't like a Supreme Court nomination process where we may get a chance to replace a left-leaning liberal with a solid conservative...or even a moderate conservative. Is the job of "green jobs czar" going to be eliminated completely at this point? No. Nor will CL2009 in any entirity, at least at this point.

If the right believes that they have a shot to get rid of the inappropriate influence and power of CL2009, it must place a focus on the issues at hand and wait for the facts to fall in the favor of the right's positions. For example, the issues with Van Jones had the appearance of the typical "attack Obama at all costs" tone to it....until the facts starting falling into place and Jones' own words came to light.

And that is the key - win with facts, not rhetoric. Republican rhetoric is not getting its just due in the media eye right now, and until that reality shifts, Republicans and conservatives must stick to the facts.

The Van Jones removal is not the victory that conservatives may think it is, but it proves a point.It serves as a blueprint for a strategy that must be played out by Republicans with the purest focus on the Americana that they state that they are seeking. Just as the rest of the country is finding out with many of the president's decisions, the facts are not adding up as his plans (or those of the Reid/Pelosi gang on Capitol Hill.) Villification of the opposition is not necessary when just a simple refresher on common math will do. Let facts speak for themselves, for the recreation of the American "Red Scare" doesn't have the effectiveness conservatives think it does.

The very conservativism that Republicans promote must be applied to the debates on liberal candidates, appointees, and ideas that crop up in the media and the legislative bodies we are dealing with today. If the allegations are true, no need of adding any more to the argument than need be without running the risk of coming off as racists or separatists.

To properly critique (and possibly get rid of) CL2009, conservatives must continue to focus their efforts on facts that are significant while presenting the information in ways that are relatable. After doing that, just sit back and let the facts speak for themselves. Allow America to see that we're still center-right while we still are. America doesn't need to be convinced that communism doesn't belong in America. Reminding them of this as conservatives only ripples the waters. Letting the facts speak allows the reflection to shine in conservative still waters.

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