Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Wrong Race

Today's musing comes from this week's VEO...

"Hello fellow Americans. I’m Lenny McAllister.

"Everyone seems to be talking about race - from the media and the blogosphere to former presidents. All these conversations about all these different American races – Black, White, Latino, Asian, biracial – have not had a healing effect in the post-racial times of the Obama Administration.

"Instead, it seems to have put us on that same never-ending treadmill of racial tension that we’ve travelled repeatedly throughout our nation’s history. Further, we stay running a rat race that keeps us fatigued and frustrated…

…as well as unfocused.

"There are 2 other races that we must reassess and re-engage if we are going to rebound our sense of patriotism and prosperity throughout the world.

"As we bicker about issues that some American generations see as irrelevant while others see as vital, we lose sight on the racing developments overseas that impact us a lot more – and can do so a lot faster – than issues that should have been resolved years ago.

"Word has come that Iran is closing in on its goal of being nuclear. With President Ahmadinejad coming to the United Nations on the 23rd, Iran’s continued march towards nuclear capabilities leads to an eventual showdown between a country that wants inclusion into the global nuclear community and nations that fear this development.

"While we debate the issue of race in America, Iran races to change the balance of nuclear power in the world – and they will do so, if we’re distracted.

"And as they race towards nuclear capabilities, the foes that attacked us on 9-11 are racing for new hideaways in Afghanistan and Pakistan. President Obama may wish to prioritize the war overseas once the health care debate is finalized, but the race to the hills, to the borders, and to the caves – never ends for our enemies. And as long as those races are underway, there is a race against the clock…to block any new plans to terrorize us as Americans.

"If the recent arrest of Mr. Zazi and others in Denver doesn’t focus us in on this, what will?

"Certainly, issues of race are important to discuss, but they will never be as important to our national sovereignty as a nuclear race or a military one. Without prioritizing those races, we may lose a lot more than just a national debate.

"And instead of talking about race and how it runs its course in our country, we may begin racing around…running for our lives."

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